I started with BASIC on a Commodore PET at age 9 in my school library, bought my own VIC-20 a few months later (with money I earned over the summer), and graduated to my father’s Commodore 64 about six months after that.

I started coding with Turbo Pascal in 1988 for fun and, later, for an independent study class in high school. Turbo Pascal for Windows was released around the time I started college. But the college curriculum was moving to C, so I had to change focus. Five years later, I transition back from C/C++ to Pascal, thanks to a wonderful product called Delphi. That was 1996.

Today, I’m learning how to bring all of the joy that I experienced from my Commodore 64 and everyone else’s Amigas (I wanted one, but no such luck) to our modern technology wonders using marvels such as hardware emulation and programmable hardware (FPGA).