Life’s Adventures

My apologies to anyone that is following this blog who may have wondered where I disappeared to and whether I had vanished or lost interest in AROS.  I can assure you that is not the case.  🙂

A year ago, I moved from Arkansas to the Seattle, Washington area for a new job.  For various family and personal reasons, I needed to move back to Arkansas.  Thankfully, my new employer was understanding and I’ve been able to switch from a local office employee to a remote employee.  It doesn’t hurt that about half of my team, and many other employees, work remotely.  Our company is a global software company with offices around the world, so the concept of everyone working “9 to 5” does not apply at all.

However, the transition back to Arkansas was a challenging one.  I decided to load everything in a u-haul trailer and move myself, primarily because I need my car and all of the other options weren’t feasible at the time.  Luckily my wife flew to Seattle to help me drive back to Arkansas.  Even so, the transition has been more challenging than I ever anticipated.

I’m not quite as settled as I’d like to be, but I’m getting there.  Hopefully I’ll have time to resume my hacking soon.

On a positive note, I did receive an email confirming that I’m on the AmigaOne X5000 mailing list for U.S. customers and that a U.S. reseller should be contacting me soon.  While I am anxious to break my A1000’s out of their storage prison, I’m also eager to play with some of the newer Amiga inspired technology.  One of these days I may even have a Pi based device running AROS.  🙂

Hopefully I’ll be posting more of my hacking adventures and discoveries here soon.  Don’t leave just yet!


Author: Jon Robertson

Software developer, Commodore hacker, and a fortunate husband and father!

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