Menuet and Syllable Desktop

Menuet is a very small, lightweight operating system that is written in 100% assembly language and still fits on a floppy disk.  Although I would not expect to use Menuet frequently, I was curious enough to take a look.  Unfortunately, I can’t get Menuet to boot in VMware and I’m not interested enough to try other techniques.

Syllable Desktop is another lightweight operating system, inspired by AmigaOS and BeOS, and as such it is definitely one that I’d like to look at.  Architecturally, it has some technical features that AROS lacks.  While Syllable Desktop would not divert my interest in AROS, I would be interested in having a running environment and following the progress of the operating system.

Unfortunately, I can’t get it to boot under VMware Player either.  I tried a few hardware variations, such as IDE versus SCSI versus SATA hard disk controllers.  I came across articles that people had Syllable Desktop running in VMware 4.  I’ve also read about various incompatibilities between different versions of VMware, so my guess is that Syllable Desktop does not work in newer versions of VMware.

I’m sure that I’ll give it a spin in the other emulators that I have available for testing, as I’d really like to get it going.  I might even try installing it on native hardware.  But it is going on the back burner for now, as I’m only casually interested in these other alternatives.  A small distraction that I needed to get past before I could continue hacking around on AROS.


Author: Jon Robertson

Software developer, Commodore hacker, and a fortunate husband and father!

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