Distractions, distractions…

I’m a little OCD, especially when it comes to my interests and hobbies.  That can be a benefit at times, but more often it is a hinderance.  For example, when I recently re-discovered AROS, I searched the Internet for everything I could find about it.  I read a lot of it, but there is more that I haven’t read than what I have.  I’ve been trying to bookmark and categorize everything so I can refer back to it.

But when looking for AROS stuff, I came across other Amiga options, both hardware and software.  And of course I came across the retro “scene” in general.  I messed around with MAME and early Commodore 64 emulators in the mid 1990s, but I’ve been away for a while.  There is a lot of really cool stuff going on, thanks to some really creative and smart hackers.

Another area that has peaked my interest is alternative operating systems in general.  While I’ve set aside the temptation to jump into my Commodore collection for now, I am taking a break to look at the current state of several alternative operating systems.  Some of these have been around for a long time, and some of those I have looked at in the past.  But before rediscovering AROS, the last alternative operating system that I played with was BeOS, back when the company was still afloat and new versions were still being developed.

I’m going to write a few posts with my thoughts and opinions of the operating systems that I’ve looked at this week.  By the way, I’m trying each of these in VMware Player rather than native hardware.  Although later I may try a couple of my favorites on my MacBook (using Parallels or VirtualBox).

If there is one that I don’t mention that you feel is worth a look, please leave a comment and share some details and your experience with everyone else.  Since I mentioned BeOS already, my next post will be on Haiku.



Author: Jon Robertson

Software developer, Commodore hacker, and a fortunate husband and father!

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