Distractions, distractions. And my little scratchpad…

I stumbled upon AROS again about three weeks ago and had a VM up and running a couple of hours later.  I was instantly ecstatic about the project and the prospect of using a Delphi-ish IDE to create applications that could run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and AROS!  How cool is this?!?

So that was three weeks ago.  What gives?

Unfortunately I am a little OCD, especially when it comes to learning about new tech.  After getting AROS installed and running, I then wanted to play with it and figure some stuff out, resolve some minor annoyances, and so forth.  That translates into me surfing for hours, constantly opening links in new tabs for all kinds of other stuff that I’m wanting to learn about.  The Commodore retro “scene” is huge, much bigger than I ever imagined, and I’m loving it.

So I’ve had a lot of fun for three weeks, but haven’t accomplished all that much.  😉  I do have a scratchpad of sorts where I’ve tried to organize all of that information and links that I came across.  For the time being, it is a github wiki.  I’ll use the same github account for any AROS projects that I end up sharing.  My use of the wiki is strictly for my benefit, it is definitely chaotic in there.  If you find something of use, great.

I’m getting really close to having all of that browsing at least recorded in my scratchpad, in a loosely organized manner.  I’ve done so much little stuff in the meantime that I decided to start this blog, which is yet another delay and distraction.  🙂

I’ll get there someday.  Surely I will.


Author: Jon Robertson

Software developer, Commodore hacker, and a fortunate husband and father!

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